Our Workshops Are Fun!


Homebuyer education Workshop

Our Homebuyer Education Workshop is a comprehensive 8-hour workshop that covers the A-to-Z of the home buying process. Our facilitators and home buying professionals, including lenders, attorneys, realtors, and home inspectors will help you understand the basics of the home buying process and give you tips on how to successfully negotiate that process. Check our calendar to see when the next workshop will be offered.


financial capacity building workshop series

This workshop series is based on popular Neighborworks America program. In this workshop series we talk about goal setting, bank accounts, spending plans, credit, debt, savings and identity theft. Check our calendar to see when the next workshop will be offered.


post-purchase Workshop Series

Things can get pretty overwhelming for new homeowners. We're here to help.  Our post-purchase workshop will teach you how to address maintenance and repair issues in your home, how to prepare for updating your home, how to keep your home safe from fire and theft, how to maintain your finances as a homeowner and how to make sure you and your home are adequately covered by insurance. we also include discussions on how to get a discount on your homeowner insurance premium. 


Educational Sessions Are Awesome!


Here are just a few of our educational sessions. Check our calendar to see when the next class will be offered.

  • Budgeting for Students
  • Managing Your Money
  • Understanding Your Credit Report
  • Dealing with Debt
  • Diminished Capacity & Financial Risk
  • Establishing a Financial Foundation
  • Maximizing Your Income, Assets & Savings
  • Preventing Identity Theft
  • Preventing Foreclosure
  • Protect Yourself From Fraud
  • Saving for Your Retirement

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