Our Counseling Services


pre-purchase / home buying

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. We can help you get the information you need to make your home purchase a smooth, stress-free, and financially sustainable process.  Our home buyer counseling program will help you prepare your credit for the mortgage process, and determine an affordable home price. We can help you choose a loan and help you understand and evaluate different loan terms and fees. We'll talk about the different roles in the homebuying process (realtors, settlement attorneys, inspectors, appraisers, underwriters, loan processors, and brokers). We'll even help you organize your finances and prepare for long-term homeownership success!


credit counseling

Are you swimming in a sea of debt? We can work with you to resolve your financial problems by helping you develop a debt management plan. Through that plan, you can consolidate your credit card payments and get the cards’ interest rates reduced, which will make your financial obligations easier to tackle.


Resolving/Preventing Mortgage Delinquency or Default

Are you in default on your mortgage or concerned about your ability to maintain your payments? We can help! We can help you assess your current mortgage situation and explain the options that may be available to you. We will provide budget counseling and help you develop a crisis budget that you can take to your lender. We will assist you in submitting a request for a loan modification and can even help you with communicate with your lender. We will help you understand the correspondence you receive from your lender, define mortgage terms and program guidelines and provide you with additional resources and referrals as needed.


Non-Delinquency Post-Purchase counseling

If you are a homeowner, we can work with you to develop a household budget that will help you save for some of the critical housing-related expenses that will come up, such as maintenance and home improvements. Our goal is to help you achieve a stable financial position and avoid late payments and foreclosure.


rental counseling

If you're ready to become a renter, we can help you find affordable rental housing. We can also help you determine how much rent you can afford. You will learn about several budgeting tools and techniques that can help you improve your credit. We'll explain your rights under the Fair Housing Act and can even help you resolve disputes with your landlord.


reverse mortgage counseling

Reverse mortgages are the only financial product that require counseling.  This is because reverse mortgages are designed for an older audience who are often on fixed incomes and involve what is usually a person's most valuable asset—their home. It is in everyone's interest that individuals considering a reverse mortgage have all the information needed to make the right decision. 


homelessness counseling & Prevention

Are you homeless or at risk of becoming homeless? We can help. If you need housing, we can help you find a safe, decent and affordable place to live. If you are in danger of being evicted, we may be able to help resolve issues with your landlord.

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