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Affordable Housing Futures was founded in 2017.

"I'm excited about the future and the future of affordable housing our community," writes Dr. Sam Gannon, founder and director of Affordable Housing Futures. "We must make affordable housing for everyone a priority!" 

In a community that is often described as one of the fastest growing areas in the US, it's easy to look around with excitement. Unfortunately, too many of our community members are left out and marginalized--the US Census Bureau recently estimated that more than 16% of households in Murfreesboro live in poverty.

And this is just people living in poverty. It doesn’t include all the households that live just above this indicator, those who teeter on the edge, those who are one extra bill or one trip to the ER away from dipping into poverty.



Our vision is that everyone in our community will have access to safe, decent and affordable housing.


our mission

Together with our flagship program, Help in Housing, the mission of Affordable Housing Futures is to lead local efforts to provide comprehensive credit and housing-related education, outreach, advocacy, counseling and coaching. We also want to develop affordable rental housing, houses for home ownership and provide greater access to home improvement services.


OUR core Values

Our core values are how we live out our mission and vision.

  • Integrity. We adhere to moral and ethical principles in all that we do and we make decisions based on the truth and on doing the right thing.

  • Respect. We believe that each individual has worth and we are willing to fight so that each person's voice can be heard.

  • Initiative. We consistently strive to improve our processes so that we can be better tomorrow than we were today.

  • Passion. We know that following a passion makes you happier and more productive. This is o-our passion.

  • Performance. We know that results matter and we constantly push ourselves to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

  • Honesty. We give and receive honest feedback and are honest with ours clients, our volunteers, our donors and our sponsors and ask that they be honest with us.

  • Speed. We knows that time is one of our most precious resources and we vigorously defend it when faced with distractions and desires for perfection.

  • Imagination. We let our creativity run wild in imagining and seeking a better tomorrow for our community.


who we serve

We serves all individuals or families and do not discriminate because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex or gender, disability, familial status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status or based on the presence of children in the household. Although our organization primarily serves the Murfreesboro and Rutherford County (in Tennessee), our vision of safe, decent and affordable housing for everyone is global.


Our Story

"I grew up in a culture and family of community service and giving back," writes founder Sam Gannon. "I saw my parents giving back to community and I found my own passions ignite in helping others and teaching." Sam channeled these passions through three-years in the Peace Corps in Zimbabwe. Upon returning to the US, Sam enrolled in the city and regional planning program at Clemson University where he focused on housing and community development. Since then, he worked at the City of Greenville's (SC) Community Development Division, Greenville County's Human Relations Commission, Greenville Technical College, Waccamaw Regional Council of Governments (in Georgetown, SC), the Community Action Agency of South Central Michigan (Battle Creek, MI) and now at Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville, TN). Along the way Sam also obtained a doctoral degree in Learning, Policy and Organizations from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University. Throughout these positions and roles, common threads in Sam's career have included service, education and working to improve the lives of others. "Founding and building Affordable Housing Futures brings me full-circle to volunteering and working my hometown, teaching, serving others and helping others," he has told community leaders. "I'm excited about the future and the future of our community ... and I believe that future must include affordable housing for everyone."


Our 2018 Goals

Because we are a relatively new organization and are focused on building a firm foundation, we have limited the scope of our strategic plan to one year; however, our goals reflect the aspirations of our organization for years to come. We expect to see revisions in sub-goals and specific strategies in our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan.

  1. We will use creative and active strategies to educate community members about affordable housing, fair housing and credit issues.
  2. We will forge deep and trust-based relationships with our clients as we assist individuals and families in our service area through our housing and credit counseling services.
  3. We will create dynamic, strategic partnerships throughout the community with other nonprofit organizations, professionals in the housing and credit industries, local governments and community stakeholders.
  4. We will promote safe, decent and affordable housing opportunities in our community and manage affordable rental housing on behalf of property owners as a service to the community.
  5. We will purchase and/or construct new, affordable rental housing for individuals and families in its service area.
  6. We will promote affordable homeowner services and facilitate the provision of services for individuals and families in our service area, including home rehab, repair, modification and weatherization.
  7. We will identify and build the critical leadership skills needed to make a significant impact on the success of our organization.

We will develop a diverse portfolio of program and administrative funding sources to foster long-term organizational sustainability.

Download our 2018 Strategic Plan.

Although Affordable Housing Futures is based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, our vision of safe, decent and affordable housing for everyone is global.
— Dr. Sam Gannon, AHF Founder and Executive Director

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